School Food Plan

Increasing Uptake with the Gold Food for Life Award

Guest blogger, Victoria Howe from The Farm Kitchen in Lincolnshire talks about the difference the Food for Life Award has made

Why did you decide to aim for a Food for Life Award?
The Farm Kitchen is a Lincolnshire based company dedicated to supplying freshly prepared delicious meals to local primary schools. We supply approximately 100 schools and nurseries and we felt that the Gold Food for Life award was a means of ‘rubber-stamping’ what we already did.  We have always been very focused on high quality ingredients prepared as freshly as possible and the award endorsed what we were doing and gave us a means of communicating this with schools in a clearer way; as well as enabling schools to work towards the awards themselves and generally increase uptake by doing this.

Have you seen an increase in uptake?
We have seen an increase in uptake over the past couple of years since we received the Gold award that I partly attribute to our Gold Food for Life Award. Where the schools have strongly supported the awards they have seen the greatest increases. I think the award gives parents and schools a higher level of trust as they recognise that the meals are being independently checked and approved.

What’s the most popular dish on your menu?
Lincolnshire chipolatas, mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy. Followed by gooey chocolate pudding