School Food Plan

Healthy Eating Week at Horbury Bridge Academy

Guest blog by Sarah Jolly, Horbury Bridge CE Junior and Infant Academy


Many schools now have a health week but at Horbury Bridge Academy we like to think ours is worth talking about with a wide range of activities promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Amongst the favourite things during health week are the cooking activities. The year 1’s and 2’s had an opportunity to practise their cutting skills by making a fruity chicken salad which included school grown lettuce. Every child went home with a portion of the salad along with the recipe to spread the message of healthy eating into their homes.

Another cooking activity that was linked to a literacy task was making fruit kebabs. The children had a chance to cut and skewer fruit before discussing the language of instructions, coming up with a range of time conectives and bossy verbs that would be used in a recipe.

Cooking provides so many opportunities for learning - listening to follow instructions, using appropriate tools for the task, literacy and numeracy opportunities. Perhaps one of the quotes of the year was from a year 1 boy who said “we’ve been pretending to do numeracy but we made pizza”. Within that lesson we had measured, doubled, halved and discussed shapes.

Two year 6 girls joined the school cook to help prepare the school dinners giving them the opportunity to show the skils they have developed through their time at the school.

During health week we also had our end of year open evening and as we recognise the teaching opportunities of cooking we had a food activity for all. The recipe we used this year was a fruity yoghurt cup - toddlers, school children and adults all love the activity.  

This year we had three competitive sports days -  Reception and Key stage 1, Nursery and then Key stage 2. At each of these the adults watching were treated to a non alcoholic fruit cocktail which had been prepared by some of our children. After an exhausting Key Stage 2 sports day children in year 3 and 4 were asked, in a Big Writing session, to evaluate the sports day. They had to come up with reasons why we should hold these events - this really got them thinking about the reasons for excercise.

Other activities included den building in the local park for the younger ones, a walk into the woods for older children, swimming, an inflatable assault course and a horizontal climbing wall. The years 5’s and 6’s also took part in an interschool rounders competition.